Online Strategy & Innovation Laboratory

Ifonix is an innovation lab based in Colombo powered by Webgroup with its HQ in the heart of Europe


Empower, Enable, Disrupt

Our vision is to empower 1 billion people through our products and services. We believe in the power of technology to change the lives of people in Sri Lanka and the rest of the world by creating new opportunities.

Real Time Communication with WebRTC and VOIP

Design, implementation and maintenance of real-time communication systems.

MVP Design and Development

Planning and development of minimum viable products. We collaborate with start up companies around the world to create high-value software products for our users.


We offer our services for consultations in the areas of RTC, Web Applications, Decentralized Applications, Mobile Applications and UI/UX

Web Development

Web Application Development

We're more than just developers. We provide services in the planning and development of minimum viable products (MVP), and we work with start-up firms all over the world to deliver high-value software solutions for our users.

Our team of IT professionals collaborates closely with you to map out your Web App and develop it swiftly and consistently.

Mobile Application Development

We offer our services in Mobile App Development to build rapid prototypes for your Mobile App ideas. We use tools like Figma and Adobe XD to create your conceptual UI/UX plan to iteratively structure your Mobile App.

Mobile App Development

Real time communication

Realtime Application Development

We specialize in the design, implementation and maintenance of powerful real-time communication systems. Our team of experts are able to provide you with highly customizable solutions to your real-time communication needs.

Consultation & Mentoring

We know that sometimes all we need is a bit of help to get to where you need to go. This is why we offer consultations in the areas of RTC, Web Applications, Decentralized Applications, Mobile Applications and UI/UX.

Reach out to us directly through our Contact Us page for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.


One Team. One Family.

As a team, learning about new technology is our passion and our spirit of adventure is unstoppable. We love taking on a challenge and growing together everyday.

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